• $800,000 Recovery in Commercial Truck Accident

    North Georgia resident recovers for broken bones in Log Truck Accident

  • $250,000 Settlement DUI Car Wreck

    My client was the victim of a drunk-driving hit-and-run car wreck, in which the client sustained spinal injuries. A lengthy lawsuit discovered the Defendant's terrible driving history, which was unknown before the lawsuit was started. The insurance company paid way more than their initial offer to avoid a jury trial.

    Practice area(s): Civil Litigation, DUI / DWI, Personal Injury

    Court: Fayette County

  • $140,000 in T-Bone Collision

    Forsyth County Business Owner Recovers for his Medical Bills and Lost Business Income

  • North Georgia Rideshare Accident

    $130,000 for North Georgia Rideshare Accident after reckless conduct allegations

  • $100,000 Policy Limits Flipped Vehicle Wreck

    My client was injured when an elderly driver caused her vehicle to leave the roadway and flip on top of another vehicle. Although her medical bills were limited to emergency room treatment only, she recovered the other driver's policy limits shortly after a lawsuit was initiated.

    Practice area(s): Car / Auto Accident, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury

    Court: Cobb County

  • $85,000 Settlement for Car Accident in Cumming, GA

    A Forsyth County resident recovers $85,000 for whiplash, loss of consortium, pain and suffering.

  • $30,000 Settlement for Broken Finger

    Cherokee County Client Recovers $30,000 for Broken Finger

  • Confidential Settlement Confidential Rideshare Accident Settlement

    Rideshare Crash Settles Without a Lawsuit to Keep the Case Confidential

  • $300,000 Rear-End Car Accident

    Hall County Residents Recover $300,000 in Rear-End Car Accident in Cumming, Georgia.

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